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KahiLoa means "Infinite Oneness". It is a shamanic form of Hawaiian massage and healing which employs the mana (divine energy) of Spirit in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. KahiLoa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with nature and one's soul. It can be a truly healing journey of pure Hawaiian Magic!

This massage is fully clothed and is received lying down.

• KahiLoa 30 minute Shamanic Massage = £30


Hawaiian healing touch (similar to Reiki). Human ego is out of the way and only pure Divine energy is invoked. This offers the recipient vitality, a return to wholeness, healing of the past, illumination of the chakras, divine love, deep forgiveness and a blessing for the Highest Good.

This treatment is received fully clothed (in light comfortable clothing) either seated or lying down.

• LauLima 20 minute Healing Treatment = £20

• KahiLoa and LauLima together = £45

These treatments can also be received as a preliminary treatment before receiving a LomiLomi MassageTreatment.

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"The feeling of one-ness and a deep connection to universal healing energy is amazing. I loved both your KahiLoa and LauLima treatments and will definitely be back again soon.” Isabella Hitchins