To book a treatment or to find out more about retreats and workshops, please contact Jacqui Howe on
07946 869454 or email

Treatments in a beautiful yurt on the Surrey/Sussex/Kent border.
about Jacqui
“A profound healing that works on every level of being – physical, emotional and spiritual... time slipped away as Jacqui's special gift of blending massage with Reiki and her powerful intuitive abilities allowed for deep cellular healing... quite simply this is one massage treatment that everyone should experience.” Diana Coldman

Aloha! My name is Jacqui Howe and I'm a fully
qualified massage therapist, Reiki and LomiLomi

Intuitively working with each clients specific needs,
traditional LomiLomi massage is a spiritual and
sacred fusion of deep, nurturing, rhythmic massage,
breathwork, bodywork, healing, aloha (divine unconditional love), intention and pule (prayer) to offer the recipient mana (vitality), deep peace, Ho'oponopono (deep forgiveness), a return to wholeness and reconnection with one's
true nature.

I have studied and trained with a number of respected Hawaiian teachers in a variety of Hawaiian healing modalities over the past ten years, and am enjoying constantly adding to my knowledge. I feel privileged and honoured to be able to share this traditional Hawaiian healing art, and I do so with aloha, deep respect and reverence of its roots and of the Hawaiian medicine men and women who carried this knowledge down through the centuries.
(For more information about LomiLomi please CLICK HERE.)

My beautiful and tranquil treatment yurt is on the Surrey, Sussex, Kent border. I offer a variety of therapeutic massage treatments, workshops and retreats.

Receiving a regular LomiLomi massage has many health benefits, and I look forward to sharing this wonderful gift of aloha with you soon!

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