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Among the many benefits a LomiLomi Massage offers:

  • stimulation of the lymphatic system to release waste products;
  • relief of sore, tense muscles and muscle spasms;
  • boosting circulation;
  • enhancing skin, hair and muscle tone;
  • boosting the immune response;
  • lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate;
  • improving posture;
  • speeding healing after an injury;
  • releasing trauma held at a deep cellular level in the body;
  • a profound effect on the health and development of the muscles;
  • restoration of vitality;
  • heightened metabolism.

In addition to lomilomi's physical benefits are the emotional releases felt during and after a session. Recipients of a lomilomi treatment often experience freedom from anxiety, worry, fear and a host of other negative thought patterns, such as:

  • quietening the mind, creating inner calm and clarity;
  • aiding relief from insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety;
  • nurturing the inner core bringing harmony and balance.

LomiLomi is an ancient healing art first practiced in Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers over 1,000 years ago. The Kahuna lomilomi were priests who practiced the healing arts with much reverence, love and spirituality. They believed that physical discomfort and disease were the results of suppressed emotions, mental disturbances or spiritual disharmony. The traditional lomilomi healing sessions began with a thorough investigation into the nature of the dysfunction, as well as prayer, fasting and several sessions in the steam hut. Once the malady was identified, the treatment would often begin with heated stones and herbal poultices. Then the Kahuna would massage and use particular lomilomi strokes necessary for that individual. One of the common similarities among lomilomi practitioners of old was the power and knowledge they had. That is, their ability to communicate deep into the bones of their patients via their touch through soft tissues, yet being non invasive and connecting it all with spirit, says Maka'ala Yates, a Hawaiian medicine specialist.

The old ways of the Hawaiian ancestors are being absorbed into the modern world, however the origial intention of aloha remains. A lomilomi session is a respite from the outside world, a sacred experience where the massage table becomes an altar and divinity touches humanity. It is a mystical meeting that produces an altered state of consciousness and an incredible sense of wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

LomiLomi in the right hands gives immediate and long-term results. The depth of true lomilomi is virtually limitless in its ability to offer potential for healing. It is correct to say that lomilomi encompasses a massage, but it is not limited to it. Native Hawaiians say that the true definition of lomilomi is reconnecting with spirit.

I hope to see you soon so that you can experience all the benefits of a fabulous LomiLomi Massage for yourself.

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